Essay’d: Short Stories on Detroit Artists.

55 Alex Buzzalini


October 2015, Metro Times, “Stupor-hero Steve Hughes explores highlights of the lowlife”

March 2016, Sarah Rose Sharp : Breakfast with the Artist, “Ride ‘Em, Artboys. 

August 2015, HyperAllergic,  “An Abandoned Department Store Stocks Up on Art”

August 2015, Sarah Rose Sharp : Breakfast with the Artist, “Alexander Buzzalini has Feelings, Loves Cowboys”

May 2015, Infinite Mile, “Staging Ground” Review

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November 2014, Knights Arts, “Beer, Bacon, Bullets”

November 2014, Metro Times, “Beer, Bacon, Bullets”

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Stupor Zine

Zero Craft Corp VS A. Buzzalini

Porous Borders Festival, May 2015

Ride’n Movies.

Metro Times Cover, 2014

Friends of Buzzalini
Steve Hughes